All in a Day


Yesterday (and by yesterday I mean, last week because let’s face it, finding time to write between all of this takes a really, REALLY long time. I could go on but, literally one of them is trying to touch a sleeping baby! AND too late, now an awake baby!!!) they were on a rampage. I did not get pictures of it all because it was all I could do to stop the chaos in one spot and move on to the next. So here is a quick rundown.

1. Dump out toys that had just been organized-but not play with them

2.Empty the large hair bucket and spread rubber bands and hair bows everywhere, you know to make it all pretty

3. Get into parents room from bathroom door that was mistakenly unlocked during nap time (jack and Jill bathroom) and dump out a bottle of melatonin (didn’t eat any, because that would have made them sleepy) and then dumped out a bottle of Tums. Tried a few, but didn’t like them so spit them out on the bed to leave a lovely calcium paste. YAY!

4. Dump out every bin in their room

5. Break a shelf on the changing table

6. Found toothpaste, and covered their hands, faces and all previously dumped out items.

7. Finally fell asleep for a whole hour and a half

–Just to let you know; this is NOT long enough to do anything productive at all. It is precisely long enough to eat half a lunch, change, feed and burp an infant, think about changing yourself, but deciding not to because you will just get baby spit up on that too, and as we all know, laundry is my nemesis and sour milk is my new perfume.

8. Use toy shopping cart to climb on the counter, turn on the RO water (which takes forever to fill up -and- our regular water is icky) cover themselves, the counter, the floor that still has carpet, and get some water into the drawers and below cabinets.
*stupid carpet*

9. While I am cleaning up the mess from #8, they sneak into our pink bathroom (lovely and vintage), and Wade climbs on the counter, uses a cup and proceeds to fill and dump it all over the floor and Harley–on the fresh dry, toothpaste free clothes.

10. Harley gets the toilet paper and just as she is about to paper the bathroom, I catch her. –by the way, the floor is not completely dry yet *which is her favorite way to cover things in toilet paper so her work really sticks*

I wish I could say that this is a rare occurrence, that these types or exact things didn’t happen on a regular basis, but they do. I think (*hope*) that this is normal. I mean, I know it is normal to a greater or lesser degree with all kids and multiplied exponentially when you have multiples (or multiple children…or a Gwenado, cause she is a force to be reckoned with.) What I mean is, I really hope that I am not alone in this world of constant chaos.
If you recognise any of these same elements in your own life, we should be friends.

…and if you don’t have these, ummm, things in your life AND you like to clean (a lot), we should also be friends.
…call me
…Seriously, they decided all their clothes belong on the floor and have emptied their freshly cleaned, folded AND put away clothing. It was in the drawers and everything!


I Live in the glorious state of Texas and I am the Mother of 6. As such I enjoy reading, leisurely walks, quiet time, sleeping all night and sleeping in, naps, and watching a full episode of any show without having to pause. Which means I have another 18 years, at least, before any of these things happen. I am ok with that (mostly, I could really go for a nap).

2 comments on “All in a Day

  1. We should definitely be friends!! Think Christmas ornaments, all the clothes, 7 gallons of milk, 6 boxes of cereal, making bread on carpet.(sigh) The good old days😉

    • I am still finding broken ornaments, and thank heavens my children are not the overachievers yours were with 7 gallons of milk on (in) the carpet. Or flooding the entire house while you are in the bathroom…Compared to all that, this is a day at the spa!
      We should definitely be friends.

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