Birth Story (of sorts)

Twas the night before baby when all through the house
The only creature stirring was the momma on the couch

She sat there and counted the minutes between,
Contractions had started spaced at 20
And then to 15

The pains were not great but definitely real
It wasn’t those pesky B.H. we revile

They hurt but do nothing, not even dilate.
so have no purpose, thus we do hate.

The momma sat watching some Netflix and Chillin’
Hoping and praying the baby soon would be bailin’

She counted the minutes between each contraction
They were not getting closer, no baby was hatchin’

The frustration is real when you’ve bounced on a ball
all the while balancing trying hard not to fall

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?
Nothing at all, no water damage here

The night continued on and things were quite drab
Contractions had stopped and they weren’t that bad

“Out” called the momma, “out please tonight!”
“I know tomorrow’s the day, but now would be alright”

“It would be quite amazing and really phenomenal,
to find myself crowning with your lovely small fontanel”

The morning drew nigh and no baby removed
so off to the hospital to kindly (forcibly) behoove.

The labor was long and contractions, whew, hurt
The anesthesiologist the meds did insert

After many more hours and broken membranes
The Doctor said “Push”, and I felt all that pain

The baby was stuck and pushing was slow
Her head was at an angle and just would not go

The usual dilation is only to 10
but an extra inch was needed, I said “Go ahead then!!!”


With much more stretching and pushing galore
Out came the baby we all would adore



I Live in the glorious state of Texas and I am the Mother of 6. As such I enjoy reading, leisurely walks, quiet time, sleeping all night and sleeping in, naps, and watching a full episode of any show without having to pause. Which means I have another 18 years, at least, before any of these things happen. I am ok with that (mostly, I could really go for a nap).

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